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                                   Butterflies Bra-VO!®              


                        Externally Altered...Inwardly Transformed ®

                                                    Our Mission:

                       Applauding Women's Innate Courage

                              To SOAR Above Adversity ©



                                   A "Day of Pampering"

                                           for Women In

                                   Their Cancer Journey

                                  10% of the profits from sales of

                  The Butterflies Bra-VO!® Healing Gift Collection

                         is directly donated for a day of "getting her hope back"


                         A WOMAN IS A SURVIVOR FROM




                    Butterflies Bra-VO!®  Healing Gift Ensemble

                       In White and Black Shadowbox $60.00


                       Available in Foil Lined Gift Box $47.50

            (side bar menu: Half- Bra© Images and Decorative Half-Bra©)




    The Butterflies Bra-VO!® gift sets also include: 
     A book,The Winds of Change; a guided journey with healing music through
     grief, loss and transformation, cancer awareness literature,
     Mary Kay lipstick color coordinated with each Half-Bra©,
     an inspirational card featuring Carin's photograph of a crumpled butterfly
     that triumphed over its injuries in her garden. 
    The gifts were selected to encourage women recovering from
      cancer to celebrate and soothe their spirits as needed, respectful of
      wherever they are on their path to wellness.   
     The SYMBOLIC, decorative, Half-Bra© was not only designed to
      ENCOURAGE women in their cancer journey but to 
      HONOR those who have RECOVERED, and to
      COMMEMORATE those who have PERISHED.        
      The shadow box may be personalized for a survivor or a for a business that       
      supports  Butterflies Bra-VO!® by the addition of a  engraved brass plate. $10.00
                      Tip You Hat -Teal


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